trenchless-water-pipe-repair-njLooking for good sewer repair contractors in Texas, with contractors who can fix your sewer problems without tearing up your lawn and landscaping?

At, we specialize in trenchless water pipe repair for TX broken sewer lines, allowing us to quickly resolve the problem and restore water flow, without digging any unsightly holes in your yard.

In most cases of a cracked or fractured sewer line, our trenchless sewer line repair contractors can insert new segments of pipe without exposing the entire  sewer pipes by digging.

Trenchless sewer repair methods are a convenient, noninvasive approach to fixing even serious sewer line problems for Texas homes.

To find out more about trenchless water pipe repair in Texas, give us a call today at We provide all plumbing services for Bergen County TX, Hudson County TX, Essex County TX, Union County TX and Morris County TX.

 Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Methods in TX

Before we start any sewer cleaning or trenchless sewer line repair job, we use sewer camera inspection to verify and locate the actual source of the problem.

Using fiber optic CCTV camera systems from companies like CUES, Aries Industries, and Insight Vision, we can extend powerful cameras into the sewer line to get a noninvasive look at the broken or blocked-off section of pipe.

In most sewer repair situations, we’ll use trenchless water pipe repair techniques.

Two of the most common ways we repair broken sewer lines include:

  •  Sewer pipe lining, a process that involves lowering a special resin-coated tube into the pipes. The resin hardens in place, lining the cracked section of pipe to seal it off and restore normal waterflow.
  • Pipe bursting, a technique that’s suitable for more seriously fractured segments of sewer pipe. This type of trenchless sewer line repair involves pulling a new section of pipe through the old, broken one, further fracturing it outward to replace it.

If you’re dealing with a broken sewer line, call us today at for reliable 24-hour trenchless water pipe repair in Texas, at .

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